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Best Ways to Become More Sex Positive in 2018

Be Proud of Consensual Sexual Choices

Shame and guilt are among the key reasons why many people find sex positivity quite challenging. But, there is absolutely no reason to feel inferior because of your sexual preferences. Whether you like masturbation, anal sex, threesomes, watching porn or even abstaining from sex, you should be proud of it because that is what makes you whole. Hiding your preference will only keep you depressed and prevent you from living life to the fullest. So long as sex is consensual and done with people of legal age, embrace it.

Educate Yourself

Generally, most ideas regarding sex and sexuality are reliant on the views of adults and others in positions of power. As a result, making decisions based on such ideas will confuse and lead you into more trouble. Therefore, take time to learn more about sex and sexuality from various resources including magazines, blogs, websites and people with control in such matters. This will enable you to gain more insight into the facts and fiction around sexuality instead of letting others dictate how you feel and act sexually.

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